Welcome to MANURAU

MANURAU is Māori for “many birds.”

Owners Rodney and Joyce say "It is who we are and what we do. We love our birds and can’t wait to share our story with you."

MANURAU specialises in a range of quality game birds such as Quail and Quail eggs, Duck, Goose, Squab, Silkie Bantam and Guinea Fowl.

Based in Hawke's Bay, MANURAU produces gourmet game bird products. Happy foodies all over New Zealand enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of MANURAU gamebirds.

MANURAU deliver product fresh to your door, whether you are an everyday cook, a budding home chef or a restaurateur wanting to find something special and unique to serve to your customers.

Manurau now offer portion sizes to suit your family!

Have a look around the site, learn about MANURAU and how it is farmed, then try some for yourself!

Update: We are now in the business of buying and selling of live birds!


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Come and see us at the Gisborne Farmers Market!

Manurau is on the move!

Quail Egg Dukkah


Quail eggs and dukkah

Great for entertaining!